Recommended clothing items for a fun day of fishing!


     As you have probably noticed, Alaska's weather is certainly varied. While it may be raining when you arrive downtown at the cruiseship, the sun could certainly be shining at Auke Bay Harbor where your fishing boat is waiting for you. Typically we advise our guests to dress in layers, a light jacket, hat for liquid sunshine and/or protection from sun glare if needed.  As far as shoes, most of our guests wear tennis shoes or something comfortable.  Keep in mind that while you are fishing on deck, there may be fish blood around and lots of salt water as the decks are continually being washed down to keep them clean.  Sometimes a pair of gloves are nice in case the wind and water become unusually cool.  Keep in mind the cabin is heated, should you want to warm up a bit.  Rain gear for sure if you have it, and if not, it is available on the boats.  In short, prepare for an exciting and wonderful adventure fishing, and dress accordingly.   See you out there!



                                   Here's one those fishermen won't get!                                                      Here's one that bear won't get!