Will I get back the fish I caught?

Absolutely! When we receive your fish your name is attached and stays with it throughout the entire processing, packaging, and shipping system. We guarantee it!
How is my fish sent to me?

We ship Federal Express: Smoked fish is shipped in boxed foam coolers via Economy Service or Priority Overnight Service. Ask your Skipper to see the Shipping Rate Sheet for shipping charges.
Should I have my fish smoked or just processed?

Four out of five local customers have their salmon smoked. The old world brine and smoking method we use has made us Southeast Alaska's largest custom processor. If you want your fish filleted or cut into steaks, we can, but you are missing a great smoked salmon. Also remember, the cost of shipping unsmoked fish is higher.
What if I want both smoked and unsmoked fish?

It can be done with two or more fish, but your processing costs will be higher. (10 lb. Minimum for each smoked and unsmoked order and shipping standard overnight service.
How much will it cost to process my fish?

All processing charges are based on the dressed weight of the fish. All orders are vacuum packaged and frozen.
Smoking: $3.00 per lb.
Filleting: $1.50 per lb.*
Steaking: $1.50 per lb.*
Foam Shipping Box: $5.00 (holds up to 15 lb. of processed fish)
Federal Express Shipping costs are additional, with an 8 lb. minimum.
* This is the lowest price on the West Coast.
How much fish can I expect to get back?

The processing of any fish reduces its weight and apparent size. When your fish is filleted, the head, fins, tail and large bones are discarded, accounting for 28% of the fish's total weight. Extra moisture is drawn out of the fish during the smoking process, accounting for another 20% of its dressed weight. A salmon that is smoked with typically yield 50% - 60% of its original weight.
Can I get my fish shipped out of the United States?
We strongly discourage international shipping. The costs are two to five times more expensive than shipping to U.S. destinations. According to regulations, we may not ship unsmoked fish to foreign countries and we may not ship at all to Asia or Africa. Sorry!
Can the Pink Salmon I caught be shipped home?

Yes, but we do not recommend it unless you are shipping other fish as well. We cannot smoke Pink Salmon, therefor to insure freshness they must be shipped via overnight service.