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The weather in Southeast Alaska can change quickly. We recommend dressing in layers. A sweater/ sweatshirt over a light t-shirt should do the trick. Guests should also bring a rain jacket, sunglasses, and a baseball hat.  Check our other common questions and the answers below:

How do I buy a fishing license?2018-10-22T22:23:15-08:00

If you have booked directly through us, we prefer that you purchase your Alaskan fishing license ahead of time. You can buy one directly from the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, at the website listed below.


For your tour, you will need a “1 Day Sport Fish License” for the date you are fishing. You may also purchase a King Salmon Stamp which will allow you to keep the legal number of King Salmon that you might catch while fishing. You may not keep any King Salmon unless you have bought this stamp. No other salmon species require a special stamp.

You will also be asked about your residency status. Residents of the state of Alaska are those that have lived in the state for the last 12 consecutive months.

Guests aged 15 and under do not need a license or a King Stamp.

We have the ability to buy fishing licenses once you arrive in Alaska, but it is far more efficient if you have done so before you arrive.

Click here for a walk-through guide to buying an Alaskan Fishing License

How to Buy an Alaskan Fishing License

What should I wear?2018-10-22T22:24:08-08:00

The weather in Alaska is quite variable and is a function of both time and location. We recommend you dress in layers.

  • T-shirt
  • Sweater/ sweatshirt
  • Rain jacket
  • Baseball hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Rubber soled shoes
  • Camera
How long is this excursion?2018-10-22T22:24:37-08:00

The tour is scheduled for four hours on the water, with an additional hour for transportation to and from Auke Bay.

What happens to the fish I catch?2018-10-22T22:26:33-08:00

Although we love catching fish, we do not want to kill more fish than necessary. It is good to have a plan in mind for what you want to do with your catch before you go out.

  • Catch and release: a possibility for some species of fish. However, certain species of bottom fish do not recover well once brought to the surface. They cannot be released and be expected to survive.
  • Processing: our processor is Jerry’s Meats & Seafoods. Your catch can be smoked or sent back to you freshly frozen. This cost is not included in your ticket price.

Pricing depends on the weight of the fish, how far it is being shipped, and the processing type. You will fill out a form once onboard that details your order. No American Express.

The fish you catch is the fish you will receive back. When the fish is received at processing, the tag you filled out stays with the fish throughout the entire procedure, packaging and shipping system.

Alder Smoking…………………………………………………………. $3.00/lb

Filleting or steaking, skinning & Chunking…………………$1.50/ lb

Vacuum pack only (not available for whole fish)……….$0.75/lb

Boxing + FedEx charges are separate

Fish can only be shipped within the United States and to Canada (though shipping rates to Canada are nearly double the rates charged for delivery with the US). Customs restrictions and refrigeration requirements prevent shipping to other countries.

  • Donate it to the crew: please ask the crew if they would like your catch before you decide to donate it.
Is the fish safe to eat?2018-10-22T22:27:19-08:00

Absolutely! Our fish are some of the highest quality seafood in the world and are very safe for consumption. Many of our local species are very high in essential vitamins (A, C, D, and E for example) and contain the necessary omega-3 fatty acids essential to long-term health.  

When should I make a reservation?2018-10-22T22:28:02-08:00

The summer months are very busy for the fishing industry in Southeast Alaska! The sooner you reach out to us, the more likely we will have space available for your party.

Our customers love our service and attention to safety and detail.

Why not contact us to reserve your tour today!

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